Strato Natural Prime 210

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Suitable for priming wood and parquet floors. Can be used with all Strato-sealers.

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Strato Natural Prime 210

Product Application:
The professionally sanded and grouted subsurvace must be clean and dry, free of oil, wax and dust.
Shake up strato natural prime 210 well, apply evenly with the Aquatop-Roller. With a light topping sand-off before further sealing is possible with abrasive mesh 120, which improves the surface result.

Product Consumption:
approx. 120-150 ml/m² (7-8 m²/l). For best results and an even surface image, work in thick layers. In the case of highly absorbing subsurface increased consumption is possible, depending on the absorbency of the wood.
Product Drying Time:
For the sake of the wood and the avoidance of excessive swelling, only one rolled coat per day is recommended. Can be carefully walked on, and worked on again, after about 3 hours (at 23 °C and 50% relative humidity).
Low temperatures, increased humidity and poor ventilation can extend the drying time substantially.

Recommended Storage:
Protect from frost. Store in a cool dry place. Can be stored for 12 months from date of manufacture in unopened original canister. If stored in changing temperatures and in opened canisters, dry parts can form. Filter these out with a sieve before using. Keep coating materials out of the reach of children.
Strato Prime 210 is available in 5 Litre containers.


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