Eukula Strato Filler 101 (5L)

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A water-based binder for the preparation of wood filler. Simply mix with the fine sanding dust and apply to the small holes or joints that need filling, allow to dry and sand the excess.

  • Quick drying
  • Good filling power
  • No darkening under oils
  • Easy to use
  • Free of solvents
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Eukula Strato Filler 101 (5L)


The professionally sanded subsurface must be clean and dry, free of oil, wax and dust.
Make a dough of strato fill 101 with approx. 10-15% (by weight) fine, metal-free wood-dust from the floor which is to be grouted, working it into a paste usuable as a filler. Especially recommended is the dust from a disc sanding machine (monodisc, multi-disc machines, edge-sander), what is not suitable is the dust from the belt-sander working lengthways. Fill the joints tidily with a stainless steel spatula. If necessary, after a short drying time, fill the joints in the floor a second time. After drying, finely sand the floor as a final touch, whereby no remains of the filler-paste should be left on the surface.


approx. 50 ml/m² (20 m²/l). In the case of wider joints the consumption will increase correspondingly.

Drying Time:

After about 60 minutes (23°C, 50% rel. humidity, air movement) normal sized joints can be sanded and worked on again. When filling wider joints, the drying time increases. Before working on the floor again, the grouting paste must have dried out completely.
Low temperatures, increased humidity and poor ventilation can extend the drying time substantially.


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