Euku Premium Hardwax Oil

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Euku Premium and Hardwax Oil + is a clear, non-yellowing hardwax oil perfect for high-traffic areas requiring superior protection alongside water and dirt resistance.
• High wear resistance
• Quick Drying
• Free of solvents
• Anti Slip R10 rating
• 1L & 4L Containers

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Euku Premium  Hardwax Oil

The professionally sanded and grouted surface must be in a clean, dry condition, free of oil, wax and dust. In the case of soft and tropical woods escaping resin can lead to delays in drying, or adversely affect visual appearance.
Stir euku premium oil + thoroughly. Apply the oil evenly with the spatula, avoiding excess. Polish out the oil film immediately with the singledisc machine and a green pad. On no account should the oil be allowed to dry before polishing is finished. If necessary, work with two people and in sections of the floor.
Alternatively, it is also possible to apply the first coat with a Oil-Roller or brush, whereby the thin oil must be worked firmly into the wood, repeatedly wet-in-wet. Work speedily, not allowing the oil to dry, so that overlapping marks are avoided. Allow the first application to dry for a minimum of 16 hours (with hardener min. 4 hours).
In the case of drying times of longer than 24 hours, sand the floor before the second application to create a matt surface (abrasive mesh min. 180 grain or HP-abrasive pad 240 grain). Be careful not to sand through the first coat. Carry out the second application with a Oil-Roller, whereby you should speedily roll out evenly and thinly in the direction of the grain. Always work wet-in-wet.
When using a 2C-application, mix euku premium oil+ and Oil-hardener in a ratio of 10:1 (100 ml hardener to 1 litre oil), stirring thoroughly and adding the hardener to the oil. Work speedily using a roller application as described above. Mix a quantity of no more than can be used within one hour (pot life).
Please note: We recommend that before using on exotic, coloured or unknown wood types, you create a suitable test area (min. 1 sq.m), according to the instructions for use. On cork floors and exotic wood, always carry out the first application in combination with oil hardener. On a cork floor, depending on porousness and absorbancy, follow this with by roller a second coat if necessary. During application and drying, ensure there is adequate ventilation, but avoid draughts and strong sunlight and protect the surface from dust. Switch off under-floor heating well in advance. Begin work on the side of the main light incidence (i.e. as a rule on the window side) and work away from the light. Before rolling, thinly paint corners and hard-to-get-to places, which cannot be worked on effectively with the roller, with a flat brush, then directly roll over those areas as far as possible.
approx. 80-100 ml/m² (range: 10-12 m²/l) for two applications. Higher consumption is possible in the case of coarse sanding, wider joints and highly absorbent wood.
Drying Time:
Can be walked on carefully, or worked on again, after about 16 hours (at 23 °C, 50% relative humidity and air movement). The area should not be mopped wet in the first 7 days afterwards. After 10 days at the earliest carpets can be laid on the floor.
Low room temperatures, increased humidity, poor ventilation and substances contained in the wood which delay drying, can extend the drying time substantially.


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