Euku Master FS

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Euku Master FS is suitable for all areas of application in which our regular product range is also recommended. Especially recommended for building up an oil/water-based combination. Accelerates the hardening of UA491/511/512 and so increases the certainty of applied technology with respect to atmospheric circumstances.

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Euku Master FS

Stir evenly into the regular components in a ratio of 1:10. Follow the process as described for the basic product. Mix a quantity of no more than can be used within 2 hours (pot-life at 20 °C).
1/10 of that stated for the regular components. This means for
• euku oils with a consumption of approx. 40-60 g/m², about 4-6 g/m² euku master
• UA511/512 with a consumption of 100-120 g/m², approx. 10-12 g/m² euku master
Drying Time:
As indicated for the regular components.
Cleaning / Care:
As indicated for the regular components.
12 months in unopened original canister from the date of manufacture. Contents of opened canisters can gel – in which case do not continue to use. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


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