Euku Oil 1 FS

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A pure, natural, impregnation oil for all wood floors. Euku 1 FS is a clear, non-yellowing oil that is perfect for high-traffic areas requiring superior protection alongside water and dirt resistance.
• Full solids
• Abrasion resistant
• Easy to use
• Contains NO solvents
• Anti Slip R10 rating
• 1L & 2.5L Containers

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Euku Oil 1 FS

The professionally sanded and grouted subsurface must be in a clean, dry condition, free of oil, wax and dust. In the case of soft and tropical woods escaping resin can lead to delays in drying, or adversely affect visual appearance. Pre-watering the floor is optionally possible and improves hard-wearing and resistance properties (**).
Apply euku oil 1 FS evenly with a spatula. In the case of a highly absorbing wood, in order to avoid spatula marks, repeat the spatula application wet-in-wet, according to the absorbance of the wood. After 15 minutes massage the wet excess with a singledisc machine and pad, polishing away surplus from the surface until none remains. During application the oil must on no account be allowed to dry on the floor. A further polishing step with a polishing cloth underneath increases the gloss finish and ensures that there is no excess oil left.
After drying overnight (or using 2K-application with euku master after 1 hour) an application of euku oil refresher is possible, in order to even out any cloudy patches in the gloss, due to the differing absorbent behaviour of the wood.
In the case of insufficient grouting, perhaps rub away the oil pushing out of the joints with a green pad after 1 day.
approx. 30-50 ml/m² (20-30 m²/l) for oak during the first application. Higher consumption is possible in the case of coarse sanding, wider joints and highly absorbent wood, although subsequent applications will use considerably less.
Drying Time:
Can be walked on carefully, or worked on again, after about 16 hours (at 23 °C, 50% relative humidity and air movement). The area should not be mopped wet in the first 7 days afterwards. After 10 days at the earliest carpets can be laid on the floor.
Low temperatures, increased humidity, poor ventilation and substances contained in the wood which delay drying, can extend the drying time substantially.


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